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Flames of Lethe
Flames of Lethe

A nontraditional stranded enemies-to-lovers second chance Hell.

Flames of Lethe

A land of eternal youth. No death, disease, or decay. But this is no paradise...and no one here is an angel.

"There was nothing out there. Nothing. And for the first time, Jo considered what it could mean to be alone with someone stronger—with someone who could hurt her if he wanted. There would be no one to stop him. No consequences. Ever."


When Jo finds herself stranded with a hostile companion in a desolate land where memories have vanished, she struggles not to give in to fear. But the fiercely intelligent golden Adonis who woke naked beside her isn't making it easy.


Christopher. His touch sets her blood on fire in ways she doesn't understand. Who is he? And why does hatred fill his eyes at the sight of her?


Tortured with a sun that burns them alive each day, they must work together to find shelter or endure the agony of existence completely alone. If only they knew the far greater tortures that await—or that falling in love would prove the greatest agony of all.


Hell is no place to follow your heart.

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Dreams of Lethe

The nontraditional dark fantasy romance sequel to Flames of Lethe.

Dreams of Lethe

I have unpublished this for the time being as I am beginning to think it does a disservice to the first book by answering questions that may be better left in the reader's mind.

Once I have written the conclusion of the trilogy, I may re-release this. Or I may limit the audience to fans who absolutely must see how the characters evolve and where they all end up.

But for now, Flames of Lethe is meant to be read as a standalone.

Dreams of Lethe
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