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Flames of Lethe

A nontraditional stranded enemies-to-lovers speculative fiction Hell.

Flames of Lethe


1st Place Fantasy / Sci-Fi Romance, Readers' Favorite, 2023

He isn't the hero she wanted. But he's all she has on this godforsaken planet.


Something stole her memories. Her hair. Her clothing...


Now she must journey through Hell with a hostile golden Adonis by her side, praying the flame growing between them burns bright enough to light their way in the darkness.

But Hell is no place to follow your heart...

Available in Kindle Unlimited


The nontraditional dark fantasy romance sequel to Flames of Lethe.

Dreams of Lethe

Hell let her go...but not all the way. And each time Jo falls asleep, it drags her back to be consumed by creatures of the dark.

The men who love her can't save her, and the only person who can wants to save her from more than her dreams. She fights him for her freedom while he fights for her soul, but with each battle, a fire grows that both fight with even greater fervor.

In the end, only one battle can be won, and to win back her life, her freedom, and the men she loves, she may need to betray them all. No matter which decision she makes, nothing will be the same again...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This book is very different from book 1. I wrote Dreams as more of an erotic exploration and oasis of sorts between book 1 and the yet-to-be-written book 3.

If you can accept it for what it is, and allow Jo some freedom to assert her own preferences among these ridiculously loving but dominant men in her life, then curl up and let yourself drift into some twisted Dreams...

Dreams of Lethe
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