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“Lexie Talionis doesn't just inch over the line of your comfort, she kicks the door in screaming hold my beer.”

— Amazon Reviewer

This book hurt me. This book forced me to take another look at my life... Yes, it is a RH fantasy romance overflowing with smut. But those are just the wrappings. This story has depth and complexity.

— Amazon Reviewer

“I usually associate worldbuilding with thousand-page interlinked wikis, but this book is a masterclass in minimalistic design...”

— Amazon Reviewer



Speculative fiction romance storyteller with a soft spot for quirky heroines who find their strength in femininity...and sometimes cutting off a head or two.


Longtime romance novel addict, a bit too intimately acquainted with the dark side of humanity.


Product of an extremely religious childhood, but now an atheist who loves exploring 'what ifs.'

Sexual celebrator and occasional boundary pusher.

Giver of 'happy' endings--always. Although not necessarily tied up in the traditional bow.


And also...former professor, PhD in business; published horribly boring research featured in places like CFO magazine.

*Word of caution: assume a broad trigger warning with anything I write. I won't give individual warnings as doing so may reveal too much of the plot too soon, spoiling the story for others. Just know my stories are not safe.

Unfated Mates Tales.png

“..he is a werewolf, she is a human... it is a love story... of course it is going to push boundaries. .. dare I say the dreaded "B" word... BUT I will say it was delivered very carefully and IT WAS HOT.”

— Amazon Reviewer

“...totally blown away. Young girl meets werewolf and they become inseparable. It spoke to my young lonely girl heart.”

— Amazon Reviewer

“I loved the fated/rejected mates trope twist that Lexie gave us and how she showed that ultimately what’s in your heart matters most, not what fate wants.”

— Amazon Reviewer

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